The Advantages Of Aluminium Gantries

If you want to have a safe and dependable mobile platform to lift and support heavy loads, then look no further than Aluminium Gantries. With the latest and innovative design concepts and materials, Aluminium Gantries are designed to offer a secure and durable solution for any given project. Ideal for both commercial and industrial applications, Aluminium Gantries are designed with maximum strength and functionality, whilst providing maximum security. They are available in a wide range of designs, sizes and load capacities, making them the most practical and versatile choice for any given job. Here we will take a closer look at some of the unique features of Aluminium Gantries, and how they can help you to maximise your safety and performance during your next lift job.

How to Choose The Advantages Of Aluminium Gantries

aluminium gantries


As with all custom aluminium lifting gantries, each one is designed with a distinctive customer specific style, providing a truly unique lifting solution. Aluminium Gantries are ideal for applications where safety and durability are paramount. In particular, Aluminium Gantries offer many benefits, particularly in terms of portability, load-bearing capability, height adjustment capabilities and economic weight support. At Schillings Commercial Hoist, we provide top-notch quality custom aluminium gantries to clients worldwide, offering a tailored service, backed by a qualified technical team, ensuring that the finished product is high-performance and safe for your workers, or customers.

Aluminium gantries are available in a range of models to meet your specific needs, including general purpose, double deck, articulating double, forklift deck, forklift/pulley deck and pinball/rocker deck models. For added safety, Aluminium Rope and Suspension is also available, offering a safe, reliable and adaptable lifting equipment solution for a variety of applications. Each of our aluminium gantries are engineered to ensure maximum strength, longevity and reliability. If you are looking for a modern, reliable lifting equipment solution for your business, and have a vision that can transform the way your employees and customers move around your workplace, then contact us.