Recovery For Aggravation of Preexisting Degenerative Disc Disease

Recovery for Aggravation of Preexisting Degenerative

If you have suffered from an accident that caused your degenerative disc disease to worsen, you may be eligible for a recovery. The damages you can recover can include medical expenses, lost earnings, decreased capacity to work, and changes in your quality of life. However, recovery for a degenerative disc disorder should not be limited to a specific diagnosis. The specifics of your case should determine the length of the claim.

The legal concept of aggravation and activation is well-established, with decades of history. In order to establish that the accident caused the aggravation, your doctor must state in writing that the aggravated condition was caused by the accident. Your attorney will consult with your doctor to determine the degree of aggravation. The severity of the deterioration must be substantiated in the physician’s report.

Several studies have shown that people with preexisting degenerative joint disease are more susceptible to bodily injury and are more likely to suffer a prolonged recovery. This is because the joints are not equipped to handle new forces and injuries as well as those caused by previous traumatic events. This results in a more significant injury to the joints and surrounding soft tissue and a longer recovery. This means that the injury that occurs to an individual with preexisting degenerative joint disease is likely to have a far greater impact than the injuries that caused the original condition.

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