Omaha Bridal Shops

wedding dresses omaha

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dress, choosing an Omaha, NE bridal store is essential. Many of the top-rated Omaha bridal shops follow guidelines set by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. Thousands of wedding gowns are on display at Omaha Lace Cleaners, which is open three days a week. In addition to gowns, the store also carries bridal accessories. Wedding dresses omaha are a great way to make your big day a truly memorable event.

High-quality Wedding Dress

For the bride-to-be, Rhylan Lang Bridal is one of the best choices in Nebraska. The boutique specializes in bridal gowns, but also has special occasion pieces and dresses for newborns. You can browse online reviews to get a feel for what past customers have to say. Rhylan Lang also offers custom clothing for babies, with a selection that ranges from 13 weeks gestation to newborn. The store is located at 1419 s 13th street.

For the groom, David’s Bridal is another great choice in the Omaha area. The shop is a one-stop shop for all things formal and wedding. The boutique offers a large variety of styles and excellent service. David’s is a great place for wedding dresses, as well as for other formal wear. The store even has an aisle runner for bridesmaids. Whether you want to buy a tuxedo or rent a wedding gown, this Omaha location has you covered.