Mens Pendant Necklaces

mens pendant necklaces

For a casual and comfortable look, mens pendant necklaces are ideal. Michael Saiger, the founder of US jewellery brand Miansai, recommends an oxidised sterling silver chain. This gives the necklace a more masculine vibe, and works well with colours like navy blues and grey. A yellow gold chain creates contrast against black and complements warmer colours. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your necklace, consider going for a classic style that won’t date quickly.

Pendant On A Thin Chain Can Look Great Under A Shirt

Chrome Hearts: A favorite among fashionable men, Chrome Hearts features the fleur de lis made of heavy metals as its brand icon. This Canadian brand also features classic chains and colorful gemstones. This brand has expanded into men’s jewelry in recent years, and is known for its no-nonsense approach. To see how this brand has expanded its product range, click here. You’ll find more than a few items under $200 at its online store.

Steel Ball Chain: While this chain is generally slim and not visible when worn alone, it will look a bit bulky if worn in a way that can impede your movement. For most men, a chain of this width will look fine with a pendant, but avoid figaro, box, marina, and Herringbone chains. Choose a chain with a width of two to six millimeters, which is the standard for mens pendant necklaces.