Last Minute Accommodation in Narrandera NSW

narrandera nsw last minute accommodation

The best Narrandera NSW last minute accommodation include the Fig Tree Motel and Camellia Motor Inn. For 4 star and 5-star accommodation, consider the Country Roads Motor Inn and the Gateway Motor Inn Narrandera. If you don’t mind sharing a dorm room with backpackers, you’ll find a great deal at the Gateway Motor Inn.

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Another option for cheap Narrandera accommodation is the Camellia Motel, which has been rated 8.9/10 by its guests. The Fig Tree Motel has been rated 7.3/10 by travelers. The Best Western Narrandera Hotel has been ranked 8.1/10 by TripAdvisor. It has a convenient location, is a family-style restaurant, and is within a short distance of the town centre.

For more luxury options, choose the Camellia Motor Inn. This Narrandera motel is situated on the outskirts of the town. The Camellia Motel is convenient for the highway and is close to shopping and dining establishments. The Motel is close to the local airport, so if you are coming in from a long-distance flight, the Newell Motor Inn is the best choice.

If you want to enjoy the local scenery, take a walk along the scenic walking tracks or the informative heritage trails. The city is home to a range of scenic spots and is just a few hours away from Lake Talbot and the Yanco Powerhouse Museum. If you want to experience the best of the riverina in a comfortable place, try the Camellia Motel, which features free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, and an outdoor pool.