BMW Auto Transmission Problems and How to Fix Them

The auto transmission of your car is probably one of the more important parts of your vehicle, if not the most important piece. If you have a lot of speed then you want your transmission to shift easily and with minimal effort. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important to have a good transmission in your car. What I mean by that is, even if you have a manual transmission and it shifts very easily and with little effort, if you have a lot of power behind you in your car you want to make sure you shift your transmission to the faster gears. Why? Well if you are driving a stock or a normal BMW then your transmission will have to shift a lot easier than if you were driving a Eberspaecher or even a 7 series.

Find A Quick Way To Bmw Auto Transmission Problems And How To Fix Them

bmw auto transmission

So what causes this problem? The first thing that causes your BMW auto transmission to slip or stick is the clutch – yup that small word has big implications when it comes to transmissions! When your clutch is in limp mode (you won’t move the transmission) and the engine is going, with no power being put into the car and with no transmission fluid to lubricate the clutch it will not be able to grip the transmission well enough and may just slide off. Also, with a diesel motor the clutch is made from metal, which is not as strong as the material used in an electric motor, so this means that your clutch breaks much easier than with an electric motor and will wear out much faster.

Next, and most importantly, your ABS module. If your ABS does not work properly then it could be because you have too low of an ABS fluid level. You should check your car’s parking brake and ABS system fluid levels on a regular basis and make sure that they are at the proper levels. Remember, having too low of an ABS fluid level will not only make your car disobey your signal when you press the brake pedal to slow the car down, it also makes it much more likely for the car to lock-out while in gear (it will literally lock up the wheels from behind without you even knowing it).