“There’s an app for everything.”
(Apple, 2010)
1 What’s app…?
1.1 The mobile post-PC era
1.2 Empowerment and business impact
1.3 The perfect storm, an economic and cultural tornado
1.4 Information at your fingertips
1.5 Apple’s success
1.6 Wrapp-up

“Gadgets are a field of invention and unlimited new business possibilities, always open to the ingenious.”
(Everyday Science and Mechanics, 1935)
2 Gadgets Shake Your Business
2.1 Sensual enticement
2.2 Ten fundamental app effects
1 Surprise: cross-sector innovation
2 Immediacy: your responsiveness must speed up
3 Empowerment: Digital Subcultures flourish
4 Attack: Countercultures starting confrontations
5 Gadgets: software updates and disposal on the increase
6 Perceptualness: less text, more images and movement
7 Addiction: the power of persuasive technologies
8 Personalization: digital behavior and misbehavior
9 Dependence: our omniscient display device
10 Overload: we crave better filters
2.3 Wrapp-up

“Necessity drove mobile innovation and reshaped the Web.”
(Clinton Bonner, 2011)
3 Mobile innovation – featuring energy and healthcare
3.1 App strategy: from branding through to innovation
3.2 Mobile enticement in the conceptual economy
3.3 The energy sector as an example
3.4 The healthcare sector as an example
3.5 Wrapp-up

“That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Our impact on other egos.”
(The Addiction, film, 1995)
4 Culture clashes in the post-PC era
4.1 Gadgets as a service for rioters
4.2 Just how empowered are we? A question of the ages
4.3 Crises and post-PC empowerment
4.4 Positive attitude required
4.5 IT, media and Internet as the new Rock ‘n’ Roll
4.6 Toward a Digital Commons situation
4.7 The System as a source of alienation
4.8 Digital Subcultures: empowered people
4.9 Countercultures and their fight for independence
4.10 The Digital Commons is not a given
4.11 Wrapp-up

“Those who will be able to conquer software will be able to conquer the world.”
(Tadahiro Sekimoto, President, NEC Corp, 1997)
5 Software as a Gadget – everyone gets his or her own apps
5.1 Gadgets, widgets and apps
5.2 Gadgets through the ages
5.3 Four times one hundred and fifty years of science, technology and innovation
5.4 From physical gadgets to apps
5.5 Wrapp-up

“I would rather try to persuade a man to go along, because once I have persuaded him, he will stick.”
(Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1956)
6 Persuasive technologies and addiction
6.1 Charismatic technology
6.2 Modern media addiction
6.3 The new “smoking”
6.4 Persuasive technologies: mobile domain par excellence
6.5 Triggers, engagement and enticement
6.6 Creating persuasive technologies
6.7 Engagement in practice
6.8 Wrapp-up

“The World Brain is no Utopian dream. It is an absolutely essential part of the new world community. Something which may even be recognizable in active operation within a lifetime. This consciously and deliberately organized brain for all mankind.”
(H.G. Wells, 1937)
7 Post-PC behavior – blessing or curse?
7.1 Digital progress
7.2 Smarter or dumber?
7.3 Just look it up
7.4 Abstractions and the fear of falling behind
7.5 The app effect on Gardner’s intelligence wheel
7.6 Information Behavior Change Potential
7.7 Wrapp-up

“All media are extensions of some human faculty. Mental or physical. Electric circuitry displaces the other senses and alters the way we think. The way we see the world and ourselves. When these changes are made, men change.”
(Marshall McLuhan, 1967)
8 Ap(p)otheosis
8.1 Grand finale
8.2 Social Business according to VINT, IBM and Forrester
8.3 Eleven contemporary dos and don’ts
1 Do not be a source of alienation
2 Introduce a Digital First strategy
3 At the same time, take immediate action with Mobile First
4 Fast Forward: keep the tempo high
5 Engagement rulez!
6 Make a clean sweep through the management layers
7 Surprise or be surprised
8 Be authentic and transparent
9 Focus on the Digital Commons model
10 Don’t Be Evil
11 Be alert for your security
8.4 The future of Social Business
8.5 The last wrapp-up

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