Fortissimo Model

The Fortissimo Model: Fast Forward, Fun Factor, Fancy Farming, Frantic Focus

VINT has translated these insights into an eight-legged strategy on the intersection of technology and liberal arts as reflected in the illustration below. This model indicates the balls that organizations need to keep juggling when engaging in Mobile Persuasion activities and innovation for display devices and apps. The denominators are clockwise as follows: Fast Forward (developing new business), Fun Factor (using game elements and humor), Fancy Farming (supporting existing business in an intelligent manner) and Frantic Focus (being intensely focused on new opportunities). Each of the arrows is followed by the activities that go hand in hand with these denominators. These are: building on market leadership (Fast Forward), optimally positioning business services (Fun Factor), keeping existing core business well fed (Fancy Farming), and spotting new, trendy opportunities (Frantic Focus) within the framework of the other FFs.

Fortissomo Model

The eight-legged app strategy Fortissimo Model

Eight legs, ten emphases and ten questions

The common English term for innovation focused on and via display devices and apps is Appification. Usually the following foursome are mentioned in the same breath, Socialization, Localization, Groupification and not least Gamification. Obvious categories that arise by extension are Monetization and Viralization. With an eye to the future in the context of Mobilization, we can add Ecosystemization and Transsectoralization. And in this manner, we have allowed for ten conceptual emphases in our eight-legged model for the management of mobile app development projects. We must consider everything within the light of proven base models such as the Five Forces and Value Chain of Michael Porte, the Blue Ocean Strategy aimed at sidelining competitors, and not forgetting Six Sigma. This last approach is derived from Motorola, the company that co-innovates under the Google umbrella on Android devices and apps nowadays.

Cross-sector ecosystem innovation, in particular, must eventually play a major role on mobile platforms. World-wide, there are currently more than eighty national broadband agendas that are being set with the aim of laying down the foundation for sector-crossing societal and economic digital innovations. Naturally, mobility plays a huge role. Many organizations will not wait, and will develop their own strategy for display devices and apps. The following ten burning questions are the current guideline for creating the strategy for development, deployment and support:

  • Is your business/sector model ready for the future?
  • For which digital behavior do you still lack an answer?
  • Is a surprise attack by new market intruders possible?
  • Do you see any profit in a mobile business strategy?
  • What does your customer want to do with your information at different locations?
  • Do you want traffic that is one-way, two-way, or the community way?
  • How “social” is your app strategy?
  • Which partner will strengthen your mobile approach?
  • What happens if you hand over partial control to others?
  • How do your apps get the attention you want?