Read The App Effect Today

Almost overnight, display devices and multi-touch have become the normal user experience. The biggest constant however are our personal apps. In this book we sketch out these major developments in technology and human information behavior. And, in particular, focus on their business impact.

Apps on display devices are “merely” the heart of the issue. What really matters is that this irresistible force works in tandem to create new information behavior that already has begun to profoundly impact organizations. The App Effect will leave a lasting mark on our interaction with products and services.

“We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us.” Never has this been more true than in the present mobile revolution, as Paul Hermelin, Vice-Chairman and CEO of the Capgemini Group, states in his foreword to The App Effect. The following 10 fundamental App Effects and attendant business implications are highlighted:

  1. Surprise: trans-sectoral innovation as threat and opportunity
  2. Immediacy: your responsiveness must speed up
  3. Empowerment: Digital Subcultures flourish
  4. Attack: Countercultures starting confrontations
  5. Gadgets: software updates and disposal on the increase
  6. Perceptualness: less text, more vivid images and movement
  7. Addiction: the power of attractive persuasive technologies
  8. Personalization: new digital behavior and misbehavior
  9. Dependence: our omniscient display device is in charge
  10. Overload: we crave better filters

Whether you are a business leader, IT-executive, practitioner or just interested in all this magical technology, we sincerely hope this book will inspire you to go on your personal exploration to determine The App Effect for you and your organization. Digitally empowerd counter- and sub-cultures of diverse nature must be accommodated with transparency and engagement. They must be taken on board in the shift to a new Digital Commons situation, where social is the new capital. In both business and society!