All four authors provide advice on a wide variety of IT issues, speak at conferences, and provide organizations with guidance on how to develop their mobile processes and media strategy in relation to technology goals and business objectives.

About Sogeti

Sogeti is a leading provider of professional technology services, specializing in Application Management, Infrastructure Management, High-Tech Engineering and Testing. Working closely with its clients, Sogeti enables them to leverage technological innovation and achieve maximum results. Sogeti brings together more than 20 000 professionals in 15 countries and is present in over 200 locations in Europe, the US and India. Sogeti is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cap Gemini S.A., listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

The organization is simple, clear and stable; businesses are operated on an entrepreneurial basis, defining their own formula for business success, while line management ensures proper transfer of know-how and a solid sense of belonging. The whole approach builds on a strong emphasis on client satisfaction, enabling Sogeti to beat its competitors in many published industry rankings.


  • Stands for the delivery of top quality IT services
  • Is located close to its clients
  • Has a strong bond with its clients and its employees – a people-centric organization
  • Is flexible and entrepreneurial, and can therefore respond very quickly to client requests and changes in the market.

The team of experienced IT professionals works closely with clients to design, develop and deploy adaptable solutions that address the unique needs of a client’s business and industry. We deliver practical services, built on more than 40 years of global experience.

Sogeti operates in a decentralized and entrepreneurial way, while at the same time joining forces in an informal international network. In addition to its expertise in High Tech-Engineering and IT services, Sogeti is also the founder of ViNT (The Institute for the Analysis of New Technology), which looks at the implications and impact of emerging technologies in business and in our day-to-day life. Since its creation in 1994, ViNT has published a large number of books, translated into many languages and organized numerous events.

About VINT

It is an arduous undertaking to attempt to keep up on all developments in the IT field. The state-of-the-art IT opportunities are often very far from the workings of the core business. Sources that provide a deeper understanding, a pragmatic approach, and potential uses for these developments are few and far between. VINT provides a meaningful interpretation of the connection between business processes and new developments in IT.

A balance is struck between factual description and intended utilization in every report drawn up by VINT for the investigations it carries out. VINT uses this approach to inspire organizations to consider and use new technology.